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Butler County, Ohio history and trivia

| April 30, 2015
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Fun trivia and history about Butler County, Ohio. Towns include Fairfield, Ross, West Chester, Hamilton, and Oxford. 

From the Butler County, Ohio Engineer's office. Well done! credit and source:


  • The only President to attend school in Butler County was Benjamin Harrison.
  • Butler County has three airports -- Butler County Regional Airport in Hamilton/Fairfield, Hook Field Municipal Airport in Middletown, and Miami University Airport in Oxford Township.
  • Monroe was the most recent incorporated area in Butler County to grow from being a village to a city.
  • Reily and Morgan Townships are the only Butler County townships that do not have at least part of an incorporated area within their boundaries.
  • The soldier on top of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Hamilton is identified with the Civil War.
  • The Cities of Middletown and Monroe each overlap into neighboring Warren County.
  • The City of Sharonville, primarily in Hamilton County, overlaps into Butler County's West Chester Township.
  • The Village of College Corner overlaps north into Preble County and west into the State of Indiana....the state line runs through the center of town.
  • The Village of Jacksonburg is Ohio's smallest incorporated community.
  • Armco Steel (now AK Steel) in Middletown began operations in 1902.
  • During World War l, the Liberty Bell traveled through Hamilton at 4th and High Street on a train and also stopped at the San Francisco Exposition.
  • The first roads paved in Butler County were in 1897.
  • The first explorer to reach Butler County arrived in 1749 and was from France.
  • The first hospital in Butler County was Mercy Hospital, built in 1892.
  • Lane Public Library first opened its doors in 1866.
  • In 1885, the telephone became available to a large number of citizens in Middletown.
  • The last settler killed by Indians in Butler County occurred in 1790.
  • The Miami-Erie Canal passed through Butler County and connected the Ohio River at Cincinnati to Lake Erie near Toledo.
  • The highest per capita concentration of veterans in the whole country from one war is in Butler County. That war was the Vietnam War.
  • Six counties border Butler County -- Preble, Montgomery, Warren, Hamilton, Franklin (Indiana), and Union (Indiana).
  • Miami University in Oxford was the first college established west of the Allegheny Mountains.
  • Butler County was the birthplace of a czar -- Kenesaw Mountain Landis, born in Millville, who became the first Commissioner of Baseball.
  • Three Butler County townships were named after famous generals -- Morgan, Wayne, and St. Clair.
  • The first Butler County Fair was held in 1831.
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